High School Teens preparing for Confirmation do so under the guidance of our Youth Formation Director.  This is a two-year program that meets monthly during the school year.  

For more information, submit the Inquiry Form or contact the Religious Education Office: 706-548-6332, extension 510

*For Adults entering the church, Confirmation is the final initiation Sacrament that represent the culmination of the Rite of Christian Initiation(RCIA/RCIA)

*For older Teens who did not complete their initiation Sacraments through regular Religious Education classes may do so through our teen initiation class (Basic Faith for Teens)  

2024-2025 Confirmation Class Updates

“Because we live in a busy parish, things may sometimes need to move around! Confirmation Teens should check back on the schedule regularly to ensure they haven’t missed an update on class days, meeting locations, or due dates.” 

Examination of Conscience for Teens

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