We continue enriching our faith journey through a variety of programs, in both structured scripture study and informal small groups. For more opportunities to grow, see our Spiritual Life Ministries.

BUILT: For the Whole Family

BUILT is a family faith program that uses a series of videos and discussion appropriate for the family. Each new series begins as social gathering with music and a meal. Then all watch the video and have a live discussion led by a priest. Stay tuned for an announcement on our next Built series.

Bible Study: Men

Our men’s group meet on Wednesday mornings at 7:00-8:00 AM in the Parish Hall. Hot coffee and warm donuts will greet you as men of all ages are welcome to the opportunity for spiritual growth.

Bible Study: Women

Our women’s group meet on Thursday mornings at 9:00 to 11:00 AM in the Youth Room from September to March. Childcare is available. We will be using the Walking with Purpose study called “ Touching the Divine.” 

Cost is $75.00 which includes a light breakfast each week, the book, videos and child care or school room if needed.   

Forms are available online:

Senior Womens Bible Study: St. Anne’s Way

Identifying with St. Anne, the grandmother of Jesus, this 60+ group of women meet on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 to 11:00 AM in the Youth Room from September to March. We select an area of study each year. Past studies include the Bible and the Virgin Mary, Symbolon 1 and 2, and shorter programs during Lent and Advent. Group 1 is filled, but we welcome others to join and form Group 2.

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