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Southeast Catechist Conference: August 12-15

Inspiring and equipping volunteers, ministry leaders, and families to know the Faith better, grow as disciples of Jesus. Join us for this FREE Virtual Conference with on-demand video presentations by amazing speakers. Register HERE.

Year of St. Joseph 2021

Parish News

Thirsting for God?

Do you know someone not baptized or baptized in a non-Catholic Christian tradition, who is thirsting for what it means to become Catholic?Do you know someone already Catholic but has…

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Register Now for Religious Education and Confirmation Classes!

All registration forms for Elementary School RE may be printed and returned to the RE Office. Registration Forms for Confirmation may also be printed and returned to the RE Office.…

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Women’s Bible Study

This year Women’s Bible Study is excited to host the Keeping in Balance course from Walking with Purpose. This is a 22 week course that will meet on Thursday mornings…

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