How Do I…

Get my baby baptised?

Contact Kathy Harper at 706-548-6332, ext 507 or submit an inquiry form to receive information.

  • Parents should be registered members of our parish and complete the application.
  • Godparents and/or Witnesses must also complete a form.
  • Parents and Godparents should registered for a Baptism Preparation Class. These are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 PM. In Spanish, classes are held on the 4th Saturday of each month at 8 AM. This certification is good for two years.

Once all forms and certificates are returned, you may then schedule your baptism.  English Baptisms are held on the second and third Saturday of each month at 11 AM. Spanish Baptisms are held the 1st and 4th Saturday of the month at 11 AM or  during the Spanish Vigil Mass at 7:30 PM or Spanish Sunday Mass at 2 PM. Baptisms are not scheduled during Holy Week or Christmas season. Suggested stipend for the priest is $25.

Get married in the Church?

The Parish Office is the first point of contact for your wedding preparation. We recommend allowing 6 months or more for all preparation.

  • You will schedule an appointment with a priest and be given a packet of forms to complete.
  • Your paperwork will be reviewed with the priest and you will receive information  on Pre-Cana preparation. At that time, a date is set. He is also responsible for helping you plan the ceremony itself, including choosing the Scripture readings. Suggested stipend for the priest is $75.
  • You will meet with Parish Music Director, to confirm all music and any vocalists. Fees for pianist/organist is $150 and vocalist is $100.
  • You will meet with the  Parish Wedding Coordinator to review flowers, video requirements and instructions for rehearsal and day of ceremony.

Receive Communion if sick or homebound?

Ill health should never separate a person from the Sacraments or the St. Joseph community. If you or a member of your family is home bound, please contact the Parish Office.  They will insure that the homebound person  has regular visits to bring Communion.  You may also request a visit from a priest to hear Confession. And if you sign up online, they may receive an email version of our weekly bulletin. 

If you are scheduled for surgery, you should contact one of our priests before you go into the hospital to receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Contact a priest for an anointing? (Last Rites)

Formerly called “Last Rites”, the anointing of the sick or dying may be done at any time. However, in an emergency, where someone has not received an anointing of the sick, and has a critical accident or imminent death, please call the Parish Office at 706-548-6332 as soon as possible.  

If no answers, or if after hours, please call our Sacramental Emergency line at 470-377-2153

You must leave a voicemail for the call to be returned. A priest will make arrangements to give the anointing as well as offer confession and communion, if the patient is able.

Arrange a funeral Mass, memorial Mass or Graveside service?

The Parish Office will be your first point of contact in the event of a death. They will coordinate your needs with a priest, funeral home and secure a date and time. Our Funeral Committee will then meet with you to make decisions on type of service, liturgical and music selections and reception needs. If requested, we provide a printed program and can assist with reception food. Fees for pianist/organist is $150 and vocalist is $100. 

Request a Mass Intention?

Mass intentions may be requested  in person through the Parish Office. We make every effort to give you the requested date, but this is done on a first come, first served basis. Suggested stipend per Mass is $10.

To request a Mass, complete the Online Giving form as indicated.

Be sure to include the name of the person and whether they are living or deceased in the special intentions box. You may request a date, but it cannot be guaranteed.

–Leave a contact email (preferred) or phone number and we will contact you to notify you of the date assigned.

Mass Intentions will be announced at each Mass and will be posted in the Sunday Bulletin an on the individual Mass times on the Parish Calendar on our website.

Submit a prayer request?

A prayer list is published weekly in the bulletin and includes name of those ill or needing special prayers. We also have an In Memoriam section for those recently deceased. 

If you would like a name added just notify the bulletin editor with the name and indicate deceased or living . Names are usually included in the list for a month before removal.

Register in the Parish?

Registration in the Parish may be done online or by completing a paper form at the Parish Office. Once processed, you will receive an information packet from our Administration Office with an assigned Parish Number. You many indicate at that time whether you would like to receive Offertory envelopes.

Register my child for Religious Education?

Depending on the age of the child and the sacraments they have previously received, children are assigned to a specific RE class. Registration  typically takes Registration forms are available at the Parish Office or RE Office, or online at our Faith Formation tab. Fees are expected at time of registration. For more information, contact our RE Office 

Get a letter of good standing or Parish Verification?

In order to serve as a Godparent or as Maid of Honor/Best Man at a wedding, most parishes require a letter of Good Standing from your home parish. This is determined by the Pastor of the church and typically a week to 10 days  to receive. To request, contact the Parish Office.

Request a copy of a Sacramental certificate? (Baptismal, Communion, Confirmation or Marriage Certificate)

If the sacrament was received at St. Joseph, contact the Parish Office with approximate date. Once verified in our Records, a certificate will be mailed to you. This usually takes a week to 10 days to receive.  There is no charge for this service. For sacraments that took place elsewhere, you will need to contact them directly.  

Become a Catholic?

We offer an inquiry program called Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) for anyone wanting to learn more about the Catholic faith. Classes usually run September through May, once a week and begin with an introduction to the Catholic faith. Those wishing to continue beyond the inquiry stage go through a 3 step process which culminates in their Baptism, Communion and Confirmation, usually held during the Easter Vigil. 

Get an announcement in the Bulletin?

All announcements should be submitted via email to the bulletin editor. Once they are approved, they will be scheduled to be published in the next available space, usually 10 days from submission. Announcements may also be posted under Parish News on our website and on our  Facebook page.

Join a choir?

Each of our choirs has a distinct style based on their music selections, run by a Director. If you are interested in joining a choir, either contact the specific Choir Director or simply show up at a scheduled rehearsal, which are listed in the bulletin. Each choir has a director who will evaluate your range and review all schedules and responsibilities. If you are unsure where you might best fit, contact our Parish Music Director for an appointment. 

Have a marriage annulled?

An annulment is a declaration by a Church Tribunal (a Catholic Church court) that a marriage thought to be valid according to Church law actually fell short of at least one of the essential elements required for a binding union. Formally called a Degree of Invalidity, you must first meet with a priest to  start the process. He will explain the process and help you complete the necessary paperwork. Your petition is sent to the Archdiocese of Atlanta’s Tribunal for evaluation.

Become a volunteer at the church?

If you have time, we have a task for you! We are always looking for bilingual volunteers to help in the office and with communications. We also have various projects throughout the year where many hands help lighten the load.  Contact the Parish office or Religious Education office

For specific interests, we have a wide variety of ministry areas who can use your help, too.  Look through our ministry section on the website to learn about each one and submit an inquiry form online to contact each directly.   

Learn about the VIRTUS Program?

The Archdiocese has a Safe Environment program in all parishes, which requires all persons working or volunteering with children to go through VIRTUS training as well as a background check. The VIRTUS training classes are held at St. Joseph year round with many others throughout the Archdiocese and is comprised of video and group discussion. You will be told if you are required to take this and given further instruction. 

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