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Series on Ecumenical Councils: April 7-May 26

Join us for this Adult Formation series throughout the Easter Season! Each Sunday after the 11 AM Mass in the Parish Hall.

Follow the Church’s history in how our Dogma and Doctrines were established.

April 7th –  Introduction: What the Church Was Like Before the Councils (AD 33-325)

April 14th –  OFF

April 21st -What’s an Ecumenical Council? and The Council of Nicaea: The Divinity of Jesus (AD 325)

April 28th –  The First Council of Constantinople: The Divinity of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Trinity (AD 381)

May 5th – The Council of Ephesus: The One Divine Person Jesus Christ and Mary as the Mother of God (AD 431)

May 12th –  The Council of Chalcedon: Jesus’ Hypostatic Union (AD 451)

May 19th – Constantinople II and III: the Papacy, and More on Jesus’ Hypostatic Union (AD 553 – 681)

May 26th– The Second Council of Nicaea: The Veneration of Sacred Images (AD 787)

June 2nd – The Fourth Council of Constantinople: The Divine Institution and Primacy of the Papacy and the Filioque (AD 870)

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