Built is a Family Formation Production Series begun as a fun evening for the whole family, enjoying music, sharing a meal together and then watching a video followed by a brief discussion. Each new Built series will kick off with a Parish BYO Picnic and viewing of the video on our outdoor screen. (Rain location: Gym) After that you watch each episode together once a week as a family in the comfort of your own home after your family’s dinner time.

Photos from our latest kick off event!

Mary: The Bible and the Mother of God

Why is Mary so important to Catholics and why have so many people bee devoted to her over the centuries? In this 8 part series, Dr. Brant Pitre examines what the Old and New Testament, the life of Christ, and the early Church fathers reveal about the life and identity of Mary.

Check out the preview: Lectio: Mary

We will explore this first episode, The New Eve, together, on Friday, October 22. but then you are to continue viewing the series via the Formed link on the myParishApp .

Here’s how it works:

  • 6:30 PM-7:30 PM: Families may begin arriving and set up their own picnic site on the Rectory Lawn. Bring low lawn chairs, blankets and your family’s picnic style dinner or snacks/beverages.
  • 7:30 PM-8:00 PM: We will view the evening’s episode (rain location: Gym)
  • 8:00 PM-8:30 PM: Join us in a discussion then tidy up and head for home!

You will then follow up each week watching a new episode from home. Discussion questions will be posted in the bulletin each week and archived below:

Episode Questions:

October 22 Kick Off Event Episode 1: The New Eve

October 24 Episode 2: The New Ark

1. If you were going to teach a class on this episode, what point would you bring out? Was there as insight that you could take to prayer later?

2. How was the Ark of the Covenant made? What was the role of the Ark of the Covenant during the Exodus?  What material things did it contain? How does the Ark prefigure Mary?

3. David danced before the Ark of the Covenant. How is this an example for us? How does this evert prefigure the Annunciation?

4.   The woman clothed with the sun (See Revelation 12) is seen by John after the temple in Heaven is opened and the Ark appears (see Revelation 11:19-12:1). How are these verses supportive of the doctrine of Mary’s Assumption?

October 31 Episode 3: Mother of the Messiah

1. What was your favorite insight in this presentation?

2. When God, though the prophet Isaiah, instructs King Ahab to ask for a sign, how does Ahab respond? How does God’s promises to Ahab in Isaiah 7:10-14 relate to Mary?

3. The opening genealogy in Matthew’s Gospel shows Jesus’s royal Davidic lineage. What Scriptures does Dr. Pitre refer to that foretells the Messiah’s divine lineage?

4. Have you encountered non-Catholics who say that Mary is the Mother of Jesus, but not the Mother of God? What are the consequences of such a statement for our belief in Jesus Christ?

November 7 Episode 4: The Queen Mother

1. What was one thing from the video that you heard for the first time or that was an “aha” moment for you?

2. What are some common objections to the veneration of and prayers to Mary? What do you think causes these concerns for people?

3. How is understanding the office of the queen mother particularly helpful in explaining why Catholics venerate (not worship) Mary?

4. According to Mary’s Magnificat prayer, how does Mary understand herself and her relationship to God?

November 14 Episode 5: The Perpetual Virgin

  1. What was one thing from the video that you heard for the first time or that was an “aha” moment for you?
  2. What important truth does Jesus’ celibacy reflect? What can this tell us about the importance of Mary’s perpetual virginity?
  3. What is the significance of Mary making a vow of virginity even before the annunciation, rather than merely choosing to remain a virgin after she had given birth to Jesus?
  4. Why is it noteworthy that Mary’s perpetual virginity was universally recognized from the earliest times of the Church? How could this knowledge help us to explain and defend the doctrine?

November 21 Episode 6: Mother of Sorrows

  1. Prior to this session, have you ever heard about the traditions of or meditated on the Virgin Birth?  What is your understanding of this teaching?
  2. How does Dr. Pitre reconcile the apparent contradiction between Catholic Tradition that Mary did not experience birth pangs at the Nativity of Jesus with the Scriptures verse in Revelation 12:1-2 that references the woman who “was with child and she cries out in pangs of birth, in anguish for delivery”?
  3. How does Dr. Pitre describe the intense suffering that Mary experienced at Calvary?
  4. Dr. Pitre describes the paradox of intense suffering and joy that is experienced with childbirth.  How does this relate to the coming of the Kingdom of God (See Mark 13:7-8 and John 16:21-22)?

November 28 Episode 7: The New Rachel

  1. What are three significant points of comparison between Joseph and Jesus? Which of these do you feel is the most significant?
  2. What does Rachels’ name mean?  What is the significance of this in connection with Mary?
  3. In light of what Christ said to John from the Cross, how do you view Mary? Why do we call Mary the Mother of the Church? And why do we call the Church out Mother?
  4. Why does Dr. Pitre stress the fact that his insight about Mary  as the new Rachel is consistent with the patristic tradition of Jesus as a new Joseph?

December 5 Episode 8: Question/Answers with Dr. Brant Pitre

  1. What was one thing from the video that you heard for the first time or that was an “aha” moment for you?
  2. How has this study deepened the way you pray prayers such as the Hail, Holy Queen (Salve Regina), the Memorare, the Magnificat or the Angelus
  3. Saint Luke tells us that “Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart” (Luke 2:19).  How can you imitate Mary in this way?
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